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"I am here to serve. 

I am here to inspire. 

I am here to love. 

I am here to live my truth." 


~Deepak Chopra

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese Energy Healing technique that works on multiple levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It originated in Tibet and was re-discovered in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui.  Reiki is most commonly known as "spiritually-guided universal life force energy" and comes from two Japanese words:

    1.) "Rei" which means spiritual wisdom and consciousness in the universe 

    2.) "Ki" which means vital life force energy


Practitioners connect to the source, and then transfer the energy to recipients through their palms via a "hands-on" approach OR from a distance. Many people prefer face-to-face sessions, however Remote Reiki is just as effective. Energy transcends time and space and can be sent anywhere in the world instantaneously. My clients have seen positive results both ways.     


I don't use any of my own personal energy, nor do I absorb any energy from my clients. I am a conduit, channeling the energy directly from the source to the recipient. Reiki is always for everyone's highest good and can never have a bad outcome. It's untainted, natural, pure and 100% safe.  

I've learned over the years that every practitioner is different - just like ANY profession. I originally thought that anyone who was trained and certified had the same abilities as everyone else, but I was wrong. They all have different processes and gifts. There are many possible reasons for this that I won't get into. When choosing a practitioner, read their testimonials or ask for references. Then, go with your gut and trust your intuition. You will be guided to the right one and will have a feeling, like you're being drawn to him/her. I also believe animals summon Energy Healers through their humans so we can help them.

A whole team of higher entities assist me during sessions. They guide me and helped me develop a multi-step procedure, which accelerates the healing process. I would be happy to explain it over the phone and offer free consultations.

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reiki treatment
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hands over man
hands light
hands over ears
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Panchito and me
Cat reiki
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reiki back
Reiki hands sun
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hanging lights
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dog reiki
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