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Reiki with Deanna

About Me

By following my heart, I discovered my purpose in life, which is to help take away pain and suffering for people and animals. Through energy healing, I can help resolve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic issues. I left the corporate world (after 18+ lucrative years in software sales) because energy healing actually works - it can even help reverse cancer(!), and I want to spend my time now doing something I'm passionate about and make a true difference in people's/animals' lives. Growing up, I NEVER EVER wanted my own business/practice, but when you finally know what your calling is, you do whatever it takes. After seeing what energy healing could do, it was impossible for me to continue selling software. 


Initially, my love for animals led me down this path. I became vegan and knew I had to help animals, after learning about the infinite ways they are tortured and exploited globally every minute of every day. Reiki randomly popped up in my path over a few years, and I finally made time to look into it. I found out it could be conducted in-person AND from a distance, making it the perfect technique to help animals around the world. I received my Animal Reiki certification and began voluntarily helping farm animals at sanctuaries, people's pets, animals on social media, and my bunny ("Peanut"). Reiki had a positive impact across the board and seemed to be working!

Since animals couldn't verbally provide feedback, I began doing Reiki for friends, family and on myself. The results were completely surreal. I kept thinking it was a coincidence every time someone confirmed their issue had been resolved or improved. Then, I healed my own knees, after doctors said I would need a wheelchair or surgery/knee replacements in order to walk again. Now I know energy healing is REAL. Just because something can't be scientifically proven and you can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist or work. What my clients and I have experienced is all the proof that I need.

Clients usually see positive results immediately. The symptoms and conditions that I have treated have been diverse:

Stress/anxiety, brain cancer, lymphoma, C0VID-19, pancreatitis, pulled muscles, physical pain (back, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, knees, feet, ankles, toes, groin, pectorals, thighs, broken bones), arthritis, headaches, insomnia, carpal tunnel, nausea, tendonitis, laryngitis, cramps, cold/flu symptoms (sore throat, chills/fever, body aches, sneezing, runny nose, coughing), pulmonary embolism recovery (blood clot in lung), sciatica, trapped gas, constipation, rashes, psoriasis, asthma, allergies, PTSD/trauma, emotional issues from childhood, depression, grief, feeling "stuck" or blocked, negative patterns and attachments, tightness in shoulders/arms/hands, STDs, lipomas (benign tumors), cysts, stiffness in fingers, plantar fasciitis, acid reflux, A.D.D./inability to focus, recovery from major surgery, eye infection, energy blockages, side effects from prescribed medication/drugs, vaccines, chemotherapy and radiation, and more!


I can never take credit for healings because it's the "Universal Life Force Energy", and higher entities help me. I was a healer in past lives and come from a lineage of Healers. I'm also a Lightworker.

Helping others feel better is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience I've ever been a part of. Having the ability to take away someone’s pain, disease/illness or anxiety, for example, and change their life is mind-blowing to me. My clients' feedback and seeing them transform is like witnessing little magical miracles every day - nothing else compares :-) I’ve always enjoyed helping others - Reiki is just the next level.


I have 4 certifications (Reiki I, II, III + Animal Reiki) and completed 3 different Reiki Programs in San Francisco and Lafayette, allowing me to compare and contrast completely different training courses, and combine various techniques in my own practice. Sometimes I receive messages from higher beings and can communicate with animals - it's usually during Reiki sessions for healing purposes.


I train and certify people who want to learn how to do Reiki and also offer Life Coaching/Spiritual Guidance services.


After starting my own spiritual journey and going down the "rabbit hole", I am beyond excited to share everything I've learned (since 2015) with others! It's literally insane how much is "hidden" from us the moment we are born. There are so many things I believe in now! If you are open-minded and ready to take action, want to change your life, go down the rabbit hole with me, discover secrets, tap into magical gifts, hidden talents and the mystical, connect with your guides, angels and Higher Self, manifest, and experience/witness miracles, I'm more than happy to pass along the information and knowledge that's been revealed to me. I wish I had learned about everything sooner...If only I knew the things I know now when I was younger! But everything happens for a reason in divine time, and I wasn't ready yet back then. Looking forward to hearing from people who resonate with any of this :)

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My Reiki Assistant

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